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Yes!! this intelligent, passionate, sensual and beautiful red-hair girl must to be included in to my ATF's with just one date that by the way such is still present in my mind after a couple of weeks. I have to say that I just have a amazing time in all the senses and she have all that I like in an escort (personality, conversation, amazing intimacy, cuddling, etc). All her reviews are the true and specially the way that she express about herself, nothing but the truth. This girl really enjoy the company of a gentleman and she is truly a pleasure...mmmmmm that soft white!!! Dear Bree: thanks for share a bit of your time with me, I did have a wonderful time with you and of course I will look for your company again.!!!-great-date!!!

Sweet Bree: Dazzlingly Gorgeous, Petite and Mature: I was initially interested in her after seeing her photos on Eros, and recommendations from members on Perb. I was looking for someone who was petite, mature, passionate, and, well, excellent. This city seems to have a really great group of women to choose from and Bree stood out. Simply put, my first evening with Bree was amazing. I am fairly new to this, and wanted to dive in more, and also being new, and new to Vancouver after semi-retiring, I felt this was the right time to find a good regular companion. I chose Bree because her website and communications made me believe I would get everything I was looking for and I was not wrong. Being new, I wanted to be careful, and see someone both sweet, and also experienced, to help me get over my initial nervousness. I had also read elsewhere that she was good with newcomers. I had seen a few other ladies in the East Coast over the year, but mainly from agencies, and intermittently. Here are my reason’s to see Bree: She is whip smart, but humble; petite but curvy; is mature but has a youthful beauty. She has a beautiful face framed by amazing red hair, and is always tastefully dressed for the occasion with something very special underneath. Her pictures are as accurate as I’ve ever seen and yet don’t describe how both toned and soft her skin is. She is a great communicator and made me feel very at ease, even before we met. In fact, in person, she is a great conversationalist, and very interesting and inspiring. And it bed… whew, more on that later.  Here is how the first date went.I booked a 5 hour dinner date with her which allowed me to get to know the city better without rushing at all. While expensive, this longer option was worth it to me, even for the first date. She quizzed me on my tastes for food and made 3 suggestions for a place to eat and even booked the table for us. I emailed her for about a month before meeting and this turned out to be a good idea because Bree has a pretty complicated personal and (other) professional schedule and getting set up the first time took some back and forth. She has since made a huge effort to make sure we can meet when I request it, which I appreciate. I sent her a long, polite intro which I think she found useful. We also spoke on the phone as part of the screening and she was really sweet and interesting and also very professional. Well… the sophistication was nicely blended with flirtatious sexiness. And the day of our date, we met at my hotel. I always had the impression that photoshop or editing of images really puts forward an image of someone else, and was always mildly disappointed when I met previous escorts. Not so with Bree. She is naturally confident, friendly, and really very very attractive. And so when I got to see her in person for the first time, I was happily surprised. Her smile is really authentic, and after a kiss hello, I was smitten with those lips. She is simply beautiful, and dressed in a simple but attractive dress and low heels. She looks like she could be a sexy academic, understated but alluring. We took a taxi to the restaurant she suggested, a Japanese place near the convention center, which was perfect, although I admit that I was distracted the entire time. She also recommended a sake, which impressed me a fair bit (it turns out she knows a bit about wine too). A walk about nearby instead of dessert, and then off to the real dessert at my hotel. A little bit of light touching and hand-holding while out, but all discreetly, and only while no one was watching. She seems to value her privacy as much as me. The most important thing about our dinner was that I felt that we really connected and we had so much in common (both in our work and social lives). I forgot it was anything other than a REAL date. 3 hours later we found ourselves at the hotel again, and this time, no more light kissing…And so the details. Our entry into intimacy started with kissing and wow… if I can credit Bree for being gifted at anything it would be her passionate kissing. Okay I take that back, she is gifted at more than kissing. As relatively new to this, and as seeing my first independent I wasn’t sure if deep kissing was on the menu or not, but it certainly is. We both took quick showers and then back to kissing. With clothing already more or less off, we progressed to kissing all over. What soft, wet and just-the-right-firmness BBBJ. This lady is gorgeous and delicious in all ways, and in all places. And most importantly she is very responsive and vocal, which I find incredibly sexy. She came once before the main event which gave me some confidence. The main event: Here I will decline from much more information than ABSOLUTELY STELLAR and second to none. Lots of positions, lots of pleasure, lots of cuddling after. Repeated after a rest, and yet couldn’t quite make it to the end the second time. News flash for those of you still in your 30’s and 40’s… take advantage of the second, and third times while you can. I was nothing but satisfied however. I could write a smutty novel in this section but for decorum’s sake, I’ll let you imagine it for yourself.Eventually it was time for her to leave. Bree was everything I was hoping for that night and everything I was looking for in a regular companion. Body and Mind. $1300 for a 5 hour dinner date. I have repeated since and will continue to do so. I don't know why (other than the higher cost) someone wouldn’t see her for her the very economical $1000 4 hour dinner or lunch date option to make time for getting to know her. As she's aptly said: Chemistry takes time and is always worth building.  Bree would be an excellent person to see if you are new to this world, as she is very intuitive and sweet. Well, she would be great for anyone, really. Especially if you are looking for someone long-term, even if it is still a business relationship, instead of a quick fling. She seems to value building good relationships with people, and has a small handful of loyal clients who she treats very well. That has certainly been my experience anyhow. I've been curious to try a duo with one of her lovely partners and I'm thinking of trying this out for Christmas very soon!

Sweet Bree: After seeing her ad and being attracted to her long red hair and petite size, I finally saw Sweet Bree. I was going to be in Vancouver for meetings and was looking to pre-arrange some company in the evenings. Booking was by email and she responded quickly. We set up a 2 hour appointment time for one evening on the week I was in town. During the course of our emails, we decided to turn our 2 hour appointment into a 4 hour dinner date. I’m so glad we did. We arranged to meet at a restaurant that Bree recommended based on my tastes and, right on time, Bree came in and was shown to my table. She was indeed petite, with a broad beaming smile and lovely auburn hair. She was tastefully dressed in conservative business attire with a flirty edge to it. From there, the conversation flowed easily as she put me immediately at ease, chatting about everything from travel to art to philosophy. After dinner, we walked back to my hotel. In the hotel elevator we were alone, so Bree took the opportunity to step closer to me and lean in for our first kiss... Too soon we were at my floor and the doors were opening. We made our way to my room where I had a bottle of wine chilling. We sat on the couch. Bree sat next to me, kicking her shoes off the placing her legs on my lap as we continued to chat. I ran my hands along her legs, the smooth stockings drove me crazy. My hands wandered up to her slim silky thighs and Bree allowed me to roam freely. She is an excellent and responsive kisser. I got hard at the sound of her moans as my tongue played with hers and my hands explored her body. She unbuttoned my shirt and slid my tie off, I returned the favour for her, revealing some red lace lingerie including a bra that brought her lovely breasts into full view. I took one, then the other, nipple into my mouth, sucking firmly, which again elicited moans of pleasure from Bree. The fun moved onto the bed where she gave me a great BBBJ! ... I just had to taste this beautiful woman so I encouraged her to come up toward my face where she presented me with her beautiful smooth pussy, with only a wisp of landing strip above, practically directing my tongue. I thoroughly enjoyed tasting her this way and I think Bree enjoyed it too by the appreciative noises I was hearing from her. I couldn’t wait to fully enjoy this beautiful lady so we rolled over and I stroked her, which made her kiss me even more passionately. Soon we were rocking at a faster pace as I felt I was about to explode. I collapsed on her chest and she held me for a moment, before it was time to withdraw and regroup. I will definitely be contacting Sweet Bree again on my next visit to Vancouver.

One Bree shining moment - a review of Sweet Bree: Jacqueline Kennedy was the epitome of grace, class and fashion during her tenure as First Lady and evoked a sense of style, mixed with beauty and intellect that most modern women of her day aspired to. She particularly had an eye for style and art and regaled (enthralled) men with her viewpoint and level of knowledge on virtually every subject. Vancouver’s lucky to have an SP who combines many of those same attributes, along with a sterling reputation for knowing exactly how to satisfy a clientele looking for a mature, intelligent courtesan....particularly one who can carry a conversation, discuss any topic, but is also wildly adventurous between the sheets.  I’d noticed Sweet Bree’s ads for years, and even tried to book a few times, but our schedules never connected so I assumed it wasn’t meant to be. Then fortunately, a few months back, I was invited to a regularly scheduled social event with a number of top tier SP’s (which sometimes has a sexy play element to it) and happened to run into Sweet Bree there. Meeting her in person – even briefly - only confirmed how attractive, sexy and intelligent she is. It definitely whetted my appetite to see more of her. Tantalized by this little appetizer, I persevered to find a spot on her busy schedule for a private one-on-one session. Once again, she did not disappoint. Bree is a petite, yet slightly curvy, auburn-haired beauty with amazing smooth skin, great boobs and dazzling intelligent eyes. Within minutes of stepping into her place, it’s clear she also has an eye for fashion and design, as evident from her tasteful and gracefully appointed in-call location. In terms of her age, it’s not fair to call her “mature” yet, but she’s not in her 20’s either. Just right in my book. In addition to being a beauty, she’s highly intelligent, very literate and articulate, and extremely interesting to talk to. I would have enjoyed just chatting with her for the whole session. However, after a while, she’s too sexy to avoid and we naturally conspired to end up deep kissing and exploring each other on the couch. She’s a passionate kisser and has some very sensitive erogenous zones (which really turns me on). We eventually couldn’t wait any longer and made it over to the bed. Peeling her out of her clothes, I marveled at her fit, firm body and soft fleshy boobs and great nipples. Everything about her is sexy (and I haven’t even got to the really sexy part). The thing I find most unique and appealing about Bree is her talent for discerning exactly how best to make you come. Whether it’s orally or through intercourse, she has a way of subtly inquiring, assessing, testing, adjusting and carefully modulating how she stimulates until she gets it just right. I also enjoyed how she responded herself, repeatedly and eagerly, when the tables were turned on her. 
Time flew by, like a brief shining moment, so much so that I easily overstayed my welcome and had to extend our session from two hours to three. This experience will certainly stay in my memory banks for a long, long time. (With apologies to Jacquie) I will certainly not let it be forgot, that for “one Bree shining moment”, her place was definitely a spot where I came a lot.

Sweet Bree has become one of my all-time favorites. I first saw her April 2016, where our chemistry was immediate and present. Then in July 2016, I saw her with Megan O'Conner, and it cemented our continuing relationship. I finally had the schedule opening to renew our relationship in April 2017 for an entire day. Our activities included time out for lunch, an art gallery visit, and of course time to catch up. We connect on a physical, intellectual, and emotional level, and I treasure our time together. For those who are looking for a GFE who truly lives up to the title, look no further. Since it was nearly a year since we last connected, we decided to meet Bree in her tastefully appointed incall location. Wearing a summer-like wrap dress, Bree gave me a great big hug and melted into my arms, like a girlfriend you hadn't seen in a while because you've been travelling extensively on business. We are both truly interested in each other's success, and within the confines of our mutual hobby, give each other great advice, in addition to wonderful sexual chemistry! After conversing to see what each of us has been up to, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. After slowly undressing her and revealing some classic French lingerie, we started with DFK, as Bree slowly undressed me. Bree definitely takes great care of her body, and it shows.  Then a wonderful, sensual BBBJ, reminding me of our first time together and why I will make time in my schedule, when possible, to reconnect with her. After more DFK, I slowly worked my way down her body, and enthusiastically began DATY. To my mind, there is nothing more erotic or exciting than a woman who orgasms, and I could easily have continued to do so, but my own desires got the better of me! after a while... I couldn't restrain myself. We chatted some more, and would have continued renewing our physical acquaintance, but we had other activities planned.  I don't normally get a chance to visit art galleries, so Bree and I walked down to the local art gallery, where we spent some time in an exhibit that was close to ending its run.  I was grateful to get an insider's guide to the artist, his inspiration, and some incredible example of his skill and dexterity in modern art forms. Then off to a wonderful restaurant, where we enjoyed some well-prepared seafood, a fine selection of wines, and conversation. Bree's chosen restaurant not only had wonderful food, but was very attentive to details.  Then a very pleasant afternoon stroll back to Bree's place, where once again we couldn't keep our hands off one another! Bree took the time to freshen up, but when I offered to do so, she stated she couldn't wait that long and immediately drew me into her warm embrace and started a wonderful DFK. In a reprise of the morning, Bree delivered another wonderful BBBJ, which was so good I considered letting her continue to completion, but I restrained myself and slowly stripper her lingerie off, and kissed my way south of her waist, to once again DATY. With her encouragement and direction, I brought Bree to two wonderful, languorous orgasms. After catching her breath, she said that while she would love having my tongue between her legs for the rest of the day, she wanted me inside her far, far more! Once again, we enjoyed... but working up a tempo until I couldn't hold off anymore. If it wasn't for my other commitments later in the evening, I think I could easily have persuaded Bree to continue our date through dinner and a third dessert.My favorite providers in the hobby are the ones that excite me physically, but also intellectually and emotionally. Bree is definitely one for the ages, and with only a little encouragement, I would book an extended weekend away with her, perhaps with another friend as we've done in the past. Not only do I highly recommend Bree, but if you are fortunate enough to spend time with her, make sure you take good care of her, and she'll reciprocate.


A lunch date with Sweet Bree and Lovely Lily: I am a visitor to your fair city and was here for four days on business last week. Long before nailing down a hotel or flights I joined perb to research the escort landscape a bit here and select a couple of ladies to visit while on my trip. I settled on Sweet Bree.  Additionally, while perusing Bree’s website I checked out her duo partners, and was instantly drawn to the extraordinary Lovely Lily. Because I was booking far ahead, Bree was able to set up a duo with Lily. Fast forward to the last day of my trip,  I went ahead with the date with Bree and Lily. We started off with a very nice lunch at one of Bree’s favourite spots. Two stunning redheads and me at the corner table. Unfortunately, one of my neighbours from Toronto was there also. Figures, eh? I never take escorts to lunch or dinner in Toronto for fear of running into somebody I know, then I run into the guy two doors down while hobbying (pooning you guys call it, great term) in Vancouver. But that’s another story. After lunch we cabbed over to Bree’s incall, opened a bottle of wine and got to know each other a bit more intimately. Sucks to be me, but I bit my tongue in the cab on the way over, quite deeply as it turned out, so daty and dfk, my two favourite things were off the menu. But this is where the professionals distinguish themselves from the kids and pretenders. These two ladies, who know each other well, went into the most visually erotic performance I have witnessed, with me in the middle of it. They have different personalities and body types, which is part of the fun. Bree is petite, demure, intellectual and mature. Lily is tall, broad, very busty (all natural omg I was helpless), and slightly forceful in a naughty but friendly way. The way they work together is magic. Slowly at first, but by degrees things got hotter and hotter, culminating in my first shot while banging Lily’s ample breasts with Bree whispering her encouragement in my ear while fondling my buttocks. We rested for a bit and had a few more sips of wine, kinda lounging with our limbs entwined on the bed. I was spent, but the sheer erotic beauty of these two inspired me to play with my willie a bit just as we were talking and drinking and Lily noticed. Look at you, she proclaimed, and we got right back into it. We didn’t have much time left so it was a bit more urgent, but wow, so intense. I’m not going into chapter and verse here, but between the hot talk, wet mouths and fast digits, we all ended up cumming again! With that I quickly showered and dressed, and we said our goodbyes. A cannot wait for the next visit to Van, when I, with a healed tongue, will let these girls know why I am JorgeLingus. Bree emailed me a few hours later reminding me what can come of the need for improvisation. She is such a classy act. I love you both Lily and Bree.

Sweet, Sweet Bree:

I had the pleasure of meeting Sweet Bree quite a few months ago. I see her ads on PERB sometimes but was astonished to find that there are very few, if any, reviews on her. So, being the trouble maker that I am, I decided it’s high time I write one. I’ve always found Bree’s pictures to be a both exotic and erotic. Something that’s you rarely see. I’m not sure why it took me so long to connect with her but I think it has something to do with what does a simple guy like me have in common with a sophisticated woman like her. Anyway, curiosity overcame me and I decided to submit my introduction. To my surprise, Bree was very easy to converse with. A few emails back and forth, I had passed the audition. For our first date, I chose a 4hr lunch and play. I figured with someone as interesting as Bree, I would enjoying the extra time to find out where she’s been and where she’s going. Instead of meeting at the restaurant, she suggested that we meet at her apartment prior. The reason wasn’t obvious to me at the time but now thinking about it, maybe it’s because if we turned out to be totally incompatible, we can opt out of the arrangement instead of being stuck for a 4 hr date. Makes perfect sense. She’s beautiful and smart. Our lunch was super pleasant. She’s an attractive woman and certainly turn heads wherever she goes. Bree is accomplished both personally and academically. I enjoyed finding out about her interests in, her travels and her influences in her life. Conversation flow effortlessly and before long, we were walking back to her apartment. Her apartment is in a renovated character building with worn bricks and heavy beams. Being from the artistic world myself, I was appreciative of the environment and felt right at home being there. She had prepared some sparkling water in a champagne glasses and a small bowl of nuts which was a nice touch. While I was checking out the decor, Bree had quietly changed from her business attire at lunch to a more relaxed but ultra sexy body-hugging dress. Chatting and touching her on her couch soon led to more intense interactions in her bedroom. All the time, I felt like I was a leading man in an erotic movie with this incredibly beautiful woman. I’m not a sophisticated guy so this whole experience was quite surreal for me. Six months plus later, the images are still very much fresh on my mind… that rainy November day, faded silhouettes of two people melting into one, red lips, auburn hair, soft caresses… the lighting… the lighting was perfect, just like in the movies
Thank you for the memories, Bree. You are indeed sweet. Alzheimer’s could never take you away.


Sweet Bree: I'm always reading how the ladies say their favorite thing about the hobby is the people they meet. Well, sometimes it's my favorite thing as well. So, when I meet someone like Bree, with beauty, smarts, poise, kindness, creativity and passion in one lovely package, well that is my favorite thing about the hobby as well! The first thing that struck me about Bree was her lovely, intelligent face--and the warmth of her hazel eyes. She invited me to sit next to her on the sofa, took my hand in hers, and offered me a drink. We chatted about art--she's a great conversationalist. We talked about our mutual love of travel and food. I could have sat comfortably on her sofa for hours, in her thrall, but the urge to be more intimate was powerful.  Naked, and on the bed, I drank in her lovely body and scent. She has the most beautiful areolas I've ever seen, and I spent several minutes marvelling at them, licking and tasting each one. We explored each other fully, all activites were equally splendid, and Bree treated me to a deep, wet BBBJ I'll not soon forget...Damn that was good! The conversation, the sex, the warm intimacy that came so easy with this lovely lady, Sweet Bree.

Birthday duo for Lauren Ross with Sweet Bree: The idea for this came about when both Lauren and myself missed a chance to see the same lady who has since left from the scene.( Although Lauren had no idea at the time that I had also missed her) 
It wasn't until I saw Bree's "first tweet" picture that I thought there is someone who can come up with an experience which might be comparable.  The timing was fortuitous as Lauren's birthday was about a month away so I emailed Bree to see if she would be interested in a birthday duo for Lauren. To my surprise and delight she thought it was a great idea and agreed to host. While waiting that long can sometimes build expectations too high leading to disappointment later with Lauren and Bree there is no need to worry. They are both (without going into graphic detail) well beyond expectations and I would have to say it was one of the best times ever. Bree and Lauren are both pro-active sexual dynamos and I can only hope the walls of the Bree's immaculate, well stocked incall downtown are soundproof. Just an absolutely incredible experience. Brought along cake champagne and some fruit for seriously needed energy. Regrets was in a bit of a daze by the time we finished so forgot to ask when Bree's birthday is.(Lauren might want to return the favor).



Sweet Bree - a rollicking good time: I have been mulling over in my mind what I was going to say about my recent afternoon with the very sexy, sultry, intelligent, friendly and highly erotic Bree. The selfish side of me tells me to keep quiet and keep this petite beauty to myself while the other side of me wants to tell people what an amazing first encounter I had with Bree. Bree has a busy life outside of this business and it does take time to set up an appointment with her if you also have a busy life too. Right from the moment I was welcomed into Bree’s incall I felt right at home. We sat at the kitchen table and sipped a nice Pinot Noir that I brought with me and munched on some very tasty berries and chocolates while getting acquainted. Bree would lightly run her hand up my thigh while we were conversing. Although I had booked for two hours, I thought it was a nice way of getting to know Bree rather than immediately being hustled off to the shower once inside the door. One thing that really stands out with our date is Bree loves to kiss and appreciates others who share her love of making out. It’s a nice change from the light peck on the lips you sometimes receive from other professoinals. Rolling around on the bed, disrobing her and kissing passionately makes your time with Bree a genuine girfriend. Bree is extremely orally talented and loves giving and receiving the pleasure. Be forewarned, Bree can be very vocal when aroused.  Bree willingly tried multiple positions and even a couple she hadn’t tried yet. I am not a looks, attitude, service in terms of numbers kind of guy. I look at these things in terms of my own personal enjoyment and part of that equation is my partner also shares in the enjoyment. Suffice it to say Bree is extremely attractive, oozes sensuality and we both had a rollicking good time. We are already comparing calendars as to when I can visit her again. Facially, she does have a very striking resemblance to Jessica Chastain from Zero Dark Thirty (look at IMDB for pictures).


Sweet Times with Sweet Bree: Bree is a stunning redhead. I met her in the lounge at the hotel and was blown away by her bright eyes and radiant smile. Bree is super friendly and engaging and is extremely intelligent - she is in fact a student working on a Masters degree. I realise not everyone cares about these things but I have always found the combination of an intelligent, attractive woman who indulges her sexuality to be very arousing. Bree is very classy and somewhat old school sexy from her dress to her appearance, close to a Nicole Kidman in looks. Physically, she is  is slim with beautiful skin, natural breasts and a trimmed kitty as opposed to the bald look that is all the rage.  Bree was very adventurous and truly enjoyed herself. There were no particular restrictions and Bree was clearly into having pleasure, suggesting situations and activities to enhance our experience. She is most notably a great kisser – hell, she is just great with her mouth! I have since seen her again for a duo that was easily a top 5 all-time sexual experience for me – it was my first threesome with escorts. Having experienced threesomes in real life, I was very pleased with how naturally the three of us played - Bree was very interactive and excited to play with a woman as well as a man. Bree is very low-volume – contact is e-mail only... For those of you looking for a genuine experience with a sophisticated woman, I recommend her.!


Nothing else has to be said!



Sweet Bree​: Last May I finally came across another posting that struck a similar deep cord within me. The text and photos of Sweet Bree hit the mark for me exactly and I knew that I had to see her. I soon arranged my fist visit and was again struck by another erotic hurricane, this time exceeded anything I had encountered previously. This was described in my review of Sweet Bree that I posted at the time. Not only does she have the most superb soft skin, natural figure and captivating beautiful hair, but her genuine smile, bright eyes and intelligence reign supreme. I was hooked, in the most delightful way possible. Sweet Bree is easily my all time favourite and I have seen her dozens of times since our first foray and enjoyed every one. Each experience is different but the accumulating mutual knowledge of each other enriches each visit. Bree has a very busy life and few opportunities for these encounters, so it requires some advance planning and patience to see her – but it is well worth the effort. I respect her time as well as my own and we make every minute count. I know she has great plans for her life ahead and will not be in this business forever. This time I will not miss any opportunity that I may have to be with her. One further note: I appreciate that many ladies in this business have a full life and incorporate part-time escorting as a balanced component of their many pursuits. However this means that they are generally not available at short notice or at specific times that you may request. If you really crave this type of educated, worldly woman as much as I do then you need to be accepting that this is how it will be, plan ahead, be patient and truly enjoy the precious chances that do arise.


A Very Sweet Bree​: A number of months ago Bree and I talked about getting together but unfortunately our schedules and her part time availability (Masters Student) made it really difficult to set a time.​ Then I went under the knife for a bit and well I'm feeling 100% now! So Bree and I finally set an appointment up and damn am I ever glad we finally met. As we had a lot of chemistry between us.​ I think the wait allowed us to research each other a bit more than I arrived after a bad drive in from the outskirts, rain falling wet weather in Vancouver again who would have thought. She met me at the door, dressed in lingerie that hung very well off her small tight frame her red hair cascading down...  By the way in case I might not have mentioned it before I kind of uhmmm have a thing for I love blondes and brunettes of course too but Redheads hold a certain special place.) We joked shared a couple of laughs. Gave her donation, a small lingerie gift that fit (her perfectly, because I do my research lol )(ohh Raspberries are her favorite fruit..just thought I'd mention I like them too)

So I hit the showers, we shared a glass of wine and then slowly into the main event. Bree has a way of making you feel very comfortable, YMMV because i know she felt the same way about me. Started of with foreplay to get her warmed up for the main event...and we both had a great time.Quick shower, a hug and a long kiss and boom back out into the weather. Thank you Miss Bree for an outstanding evening.. You truly live up to the Sweet in your name. Looks: 9 From her manicured toes to her Red hair, hot body 9 in a very subtle way she reminds me of another couple of SP's (in the same grouping: masters students, petite tight body)​Attitude 10 Super friendly, very comfortable, wonderful attitude.​ Service: 9.5 She worked really hard and her service level was impeccable, fantastic. Repeat YES when our schedules allow for it. Longer session next time I believe.
Sweet Bree: What I do wish to share is the fact that my first meeting with Bree this week was everything I might have had reason to expect and a good bit more. I agree with the earlier poster that it makes quite a difference to spend a period of time with a woman that is about more than just about the roll in the hay. In Bree's case, there is a great deal to like. She is quite lovely in all physical respects; she is a grown up; she is an interesting and smart person; and she is very passionate. The details of our experience together are not for me to share, but suffice to say that there were no surprises and in my case at least, there was a wonderful physical chemistry. Or perhaps she just likes old guys like me!
Bree Review: Sweet Bree is a very classy courtesan: she has an unusual beauty, a great sense of humor, intelligence and playfulness. We hit it off amazingly. Her brown eyes, pale smooth skin and gorgeous red hair certainly set the scene for a passionate encounter. The combination of beauty and brains (she is currently pursuing a higher degree) with a great personality sets her apart from the field. She is a very low volume provider and only has email contact, so it takes a little planning to get the opportunity to meet her. As you will read, it was well worth the effort. I highly recommend her and will repeat (indeed I have already done so).  I first noticed Bree from her rather lovely photos on the few websites where she appeared. Her photos display a sexy yet playful attitude, which intrigued me. They are mostly modest photos with Bree wearing a fetching corset, but the one or two photos they reveal some of her lovely bare body are most captivating. She is new to the business in Vancouver. I was sufficiently interested to send her an email and after a few exchanges we had our first date arranged. This initial visit was for two hours but we have since met on many more occasions and enjoyed afternoons and evenings, on occasion with meals, which is my preference as we can enjoy even more time together.By the time the day of my first visit finally came around I had built up quite a sense of anticipation for this meeting so I was suitably nervous as I approached her location. Parking was easy and the studio apartment she uses is clean and well laid out with a comfortable sofa for us to sit and talk and a perfectly made-up bed; somewhat like going to a high end hotel. Bree welcomed me at the door in a sexy 50's style dress with just enough of her figure exposed to start the process of arousal before I had even taken off my jacket. Prior to my visit I was able to find out a few of her likes as I wanted to make a good first impression. I wore my best shirt and I brought some cheese and crackers and her favorite fruit to accompany a nice wine. This provided a pleasant environment for a great conversation that revealed many common interests. We had traveled to many of the same countries, saw the same limited release movies and had a similar interest in art and music. She quickly had me at ease and we were like old friends getting reacquainted. Well, perhaps more than friends as we were soon kissing like two long separated lovers and I had to pull myself away to take a shower so we could get to know each other more intimately. As soon as I came out of the shower as I was standing naked by the door we were again kissing and her marvelous lips took control from there moving down to my hard cock, which was now waiting for her at full attention. After that we moved onto the bed and it was one long, continuous and natural flowing encounter of the most deliciously erotic, fun and passionate kind. Her pussy is mostly shaved with just a small strip remaining, which just happens to be my favorite style. Her lips are a dream to explore with my lips and tongue and her juices were sweet and flowing. For me Bree is the real deal. Yes the pictures are really her; yes she is a graduate student; yes she is an incredibly sensuous partner. Her age for me is perfect; her young body totally enticing yet her mind mature and engaging. If I have been on a quest to find a woman with the right combination of attributes that works for me then this is it: pale smooth skin, great figure (all natural), masses of enticing red hair, totally kissable lips. She can be modestly dressed and conduct intelligent conversation yet be rather wild when it comes to passionate play. I am providing this review as I wish to show my great appreciation for her being such an amazing courtesan and making me feel quite special.
Bree: Met Bree at her incall and I was extremely pleased when I saw her face- very pretty with a warm, welcoming smile. Greeted with a hug and a kiss, started chatting and didn't take long for things to get heated up with more passionate kissing...after a quick shower I was greeted by a beautiful, energetic woman who was ready to play. More kissing and caressing leading to a long, deep, amazing BBBJ followed by's a bit of a blur since it was all so amazing and passionate...ended up with more incredible BBBJ leading to an explosive finish. Bree is amazing- clearly a bright, passionate woman who is comfortable in her own skin and an expert in bringing pleasure...
Bree Review: I have been mulling over in my mind what I was going to say about a few recent afternoons with the very sexy, sultry, intelligent, friendly and highly erotic Bree. The selfish side of me tells me to keep quiet and keep this petite beauty to myself while the other side of me wants to tell people what an amazing couple of encounters I had with Bree. Bree has a busy life outside of this business and it does take time to set up an appointment with her if you also have a busy life too. Suffice it to say once you have connected with Bree, she is a joy to be in her company.
Bree: I was somewhat reluctant to write this review. But only because of the connection I made with Bree. She definitely put the 'Friend' in GFE, and when the lines begin to blur, it becomes hard to try to be objective and review the experience. Also, I have to admit, there may be a twinge of jealousy.I've met twice with Bree, once at my hotel, and the last time at her incall. Amazing to me how quickly I became mesmerized by this smart, fun, intelligent redhead with a sense of adventure. To say she put me at ease quickly is an understatement. Rest assured she is a true courtesan with an intelligence and sensuality way above average. She has a healthy sexual appetite and is fun to be with. Rest assured she is a delightful and lovely lady, and as long as I am able to visit Vancouver, I will be sure to look her up. Please excuse if I don't give a full blow-by-blow description of the events. But trust that this is a true professional with a lot to give as a conversationalist and as a lover. At our last encounter at her incall I was only able to allow for a couple of hours, but had I the time, I would have easily spent three or four. She greeted me in a lovely neglige over black stockings, garters, bikini panties and a new black and pink lace bra. She has excellent taste in wine, and provided a bottle of a french (Bordeaux?) to accompany raspberries, nuts and chocolates. After some conversation getting caught up from our last visit, along with some kissing, hand-holding and light stroking, she saw me off to the shower with some more deep kissing and pressing of her body against mine. I need to pause here to remark on her outstanding kissing with such soft and luscious lips. Out of the shower, and her out her neglige, we met in the bedroom where we kissed and fondled some more. Somewhere along the way the bra had come off, and later her panties. We took turns with oral sex, and then moved into several positions. Among them, I love to see her on top of me, where I can hold and admire her beautiful breasts. We ended with a twist on mutual masturbation that was both new to us and kind of hot. Afterwards it was back to more wine, and beer, drinking and intimate conversation that nearly made me miss my flight. My connection with Bree is meaningful to me, so YMMV. I look forward to our next encounter, and if you choose to see her, please give her the appreciation and respect she warrants.

Bree: Bree caught my eye long ago and was recommended by a member of Perb who I respect greatly. I decided it was time to meet her at last. I sent her by email with a note of introduction and received an enthusiastic reply. We set a date and I went to meet her. Her incall is easy to find in a modern condo close to Yaletown. It was refreshing that she simply gave me the address and there was none of the cloak & dagger of last minute calls or texts. I simply showed up at the time,was buzzed in and knocked on her door. I was greeted by a beautiful woman with coppery hair. She was dressed in a elegant lingerie ensemble and thigh-high stockings. It perfectly complimented her lithe willowy figure. She reminds me of Kari Byron from Mythbusters... a crush of mine. With a sparkle in her eye, she said "It's great to meet you. I have been looking forward to your visit." She led me into a sitting area where she had laid out some wine glasses of water and some chocolates. I had read that she love Pinot Noir and raspberries, so I had both of them with me as gift. She grabbed an opener and poured us both a glass. We talked over wine and I was delighted that we both shared some interests and talked easily. She is someone I found very easy to get comfortable with.Eventually, we ended up on the couch making out. She is an amazing kisser. With a twinkle in her eye, she suggested we make our way towards the bedroom.I hopped in the shower and then joined her. I am not one to share intimate details, but I will say, the experience was both sensual and primal. She is quite vocal and very responsive. She is very open to suggestions. Bree is the sort of lady with the devil in her eye, warm and friendly but, once aroused, she is very sexual and passionate. Truly a fiery redhead! She really goes the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied. What makes Bree special is all the little things she does,that all add up to make a memorable experience. Bree is the total package. Highly recommended.



As enough has been said in the recent thread about the pros and cons of clients posting personal information about the SPs they see, I won't go there. What I do wish to share is the fact that my first meeting with Bree this week was everything I might have had reason to expect and a good bit more. I agree with the earlier poster that it makes quite a difference to spend a period of time with a woman that is about more than just about the roll in the hay. In Bree's case, there is a great deal to like. She is quite lovely in all physical respects; she is a grown up; she is an interesting and smart person; and she is very passionate. The details of our experience together are not for me to share, but suffice to say that there were no surprises and in my case at least, there was a wonderful physical chemistry. Or perhaps she just likes old guys like me!

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